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Re: File with weird permissions, impossible to delete

On Tue 11 Sep 2018 at 14:48:45 (+0200), Pétùr wrote:
> I have two files with this problem.
> The first one (index.html) which is considered as directory is in
> .local/share/Trash/expunged
> and the second one is a thumb of shotwell:
> $ ls -la .cache/shotwell/thumbs/thumbs360/thumb0000000000000c5c.jpg
> --wS-w--wT 1 680132648 44094674 24576 mars  27  2211
> .cache/shotwell/thumbs/thumbs360/thumb0000000000000c5c.jpg

It looks as if they're both on /home. Do you have /home mounted as a
separate partition? If so, then then damage (which is what I think it
is) may be limited to there. If so, I would treat anything in /home as
potentially suspect.

What to do next might well depend on how well your files are backed
up. I would take a copy of the partition as it stands, then fsck it
and see how much damage that finds. At that point you would need to
decide whether to live with the fsck'd partition or to reformat it and
restore from backups.

If you reformat/restore, you could then check out the files on the
copy that have dates younger than the backup and, if happy with their
integrity, copy them back.

All in all, I think you should concentrate on ascertaining the
integrity of the rest of your files before assuming that deleting
two of them will make things hunky dory adagin. And it does seem more
likely to me that the cause of the problem is your system rather than
an unsatisfactory router.


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