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Re: root on ZFS

On 9/11/18 5:17 AM, Mimiko wrote:
> My question is more about if I should use ZFS as boot, or stick with old MD raid. Would not ZFS booting break if an update to zfs will be applied?

If you intend on using ZFS RAID, do a ZFS RAIDZ pool and not MDADM. ZFS
handles all of the functions of RAID management and is generally
superior to MDADM.

> Right now sometimes ZFS mounts are not imported automatically on
> system reboot. And I must manually do zfs import. So I am worried that
> this will happen before booting the system and I will have to use some
> recovery.

This shouldn't be a problem if you set up your ZFS / root partition and
various pools and datasets correctly.


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