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Re: root on ZFS

On 11.09.2018 12:04, tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:

Currently I use ZFS for making a pool of disks, but the system itself is installed on 2 SSD disks using MD to mirror.

How is now ZFS on handling booting from ZFS mirror. Can I start use ZFS as root filesystem on latest Debian? Is it stable on updates?

Thanks for suggestions.
Your question is still a bit unclear: do you want to have just the
_root_  partition as ZFS? That should be easy, just booting a kernel
which understands ZFS and can mount that as /.

Do you also want to have the_boot_  partition there? I.e. that
partition where the kernel images and the initramfs go. Then your
boot loader (most probably GRUB?) also should be able to understand
ZFS -- at least to a certain extent. GRUB can read ZFS since 1.99.
The one current in Debian stable is 2.02 -- so your chances seem
good on both fronts...

Thank you for response.

I don't know how I will do it. But since GRUB in Debian understands ZFS, then I may be do the second.

My question is more about if I should use ZFS as boot, or stick with old MD raid. Would not ZFS booting break if an update to zfs will be applied?

Right now sometimes ZFS mounts are not imported automatically on system reboot. And I must manually do zfs import. So I am worried that this will happen before booting the system and I will have to use some recovery.

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