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Is there a log file of ...?

Earlier today when launching a long used from a console rather than by clicking on an icon, I got a strange WARNING message.

I reported it on a related Usenet group. I got a reply from a Windows user suggesting several things to investigate. A key sub-string, and its usage, caught my attention. I used the Mate Search Tool to locate any file with that sub-string. Found one. Rather than deleting it I just added some characters to the beginning of the filename. The purpose was to easily restore things to the original state. It _*APPARENTLY*_ solved my problem. Later a different path of investigation was suggested.

I wish to restore the old filename to run a test of the 2nd suggestion.

Real world intervenes - i.e. Murphy's Law
By a weird chain of associations I was able discover its *NEW* name.
Still not sure of its original name - but that's another issue to be explored on a different group.

To repeat my subject line: "Is there a log file of ...?"
In this case I know the file's extension and VERY approximately when the name was changed.

In the appropriate time period I know that there were no more than a dozen files created/destroyed/renamed.

Is there a relevant log file?


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