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Re: recovering a partition table

On Friday, September 7, 2018 5:34:00 PM -04 Dominic Knight wrote:
> Whilst trying to create one partition out of two (using disks)  I
> appear to have accidentally deleted the partition table of (almost) the
> whole drive. It still has the swap partition and an unknown partition
> of zero size apparently with 2tb of freespace. It was 10gb swap, 1tb,
> 50 gb, and two at roughly 500gb each at the end.
> How do I recover the original partition table?

testdisk and gparted come to mind.
A Google search turns up many HOWTOs for Linux.
Before you do anything else first of all make an image of the disk by means of 
Then diverse methods for partition table recovery are open to you.
All the best

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