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Re: Encrypted e-mails?

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On Fri, Sep 07, 2018 at 03:59:01PM +0200, Torben Schou Jensen wrote:


> Problem is many friends use public free e-mail solutions, without OpenPGP,
> and they also not give a damn about security.

We had a related thread here about "good" mail providers. I've had
success convincing friends that a "good" mail provider costs (a
modest) something, like half a $beverage [1] a month, to be able
to treat you as a customer and not as cattle or vegetable.

> I also have many friends that use Facebook as some sort of diary.

Yeah, that's unfortunate. After explaining to people how that
horrible Cambridge Analytica affair went, some take their distance
with FB. I count each case as a personal success.

But this is something which only works face-to-face, personally,
and among friends.

> In general IT people should be better to learn non-IT people about better
> security.
> Interesting to read feedback on this subject here.

Over here we have what we call "crypto parties", where interested
people can learn how to set up encryption and/or exchange public

My take on it: nothing beats personal contact. Nothing.

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