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[SOLVED} Re: Bash-Problem with cursor position after calling a function with READLINE_LINE

Hi Stefan,

you made my day!!! :-))

On 9/7/18 2:58 PM, Stefan Krusche wrote:
> Maybe, just maybe... ;-) the cause lies in what you use as a shebang in your 
> script. If I do:
> $ sh
> I get a dash subshell on my system which has apparently no command line editing 
> with readline configured and I get the cursor movement sequences printed 
> instead of being translated/executed by the terminal.
> On the other side changing the shebang to "#/bin/sh" instead of "#/bin/bash" 
> didn't change the behaviour of that little script with the bound F1 key, works 
> just as before...

I have inserted the sheband »#!/bin/bash« and now everything works as
expected  :-)

Thank you very much for your help

Ceterum censeo
Redmond esse delendam.

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