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Bash-Problem with cursor position after calling a function with READLINE_LINE

Hi all,

In my Bash shell (».bashrc«) I have »bind« a command to the »F1« key
   bind -x '"\eOP":"_bash_man"'        # F1 man <command>

The script »_bash_man«  looks like (it is simplified only for test reasons)

   echo "${READLINE_LINE}"

When I type »aaa« and then press »F1«, I see a new line on the screen
containing the string »aaa« and the cursor is positioned behind the
string. The »Backspace« key is doing nothing, and pressing the four
»arrow« keys just give that result


but does not move the cursor in any direction. When I press


then the output on the screen is

  bash: zaaa: command not found

Apparently the cursor position is not set correctly and the cursor
movements are not done on the screen.

Technical detail:
  Debian: Debian GNU/Linux 9.5.0 _Stretch_
  Bash:   GNU bash, version 4.4.12(1)-release (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)

Any help or any information would be very much appreciated.


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