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NFS mounts failing at boot (stretch)

I've got an NFS mount on a Debian 9 box which is failing to mount at boot time, but mounts cleanly and quickly once the system is up and running.  

I've added the _netdev option to fstab, which according to mount(8) should cause the mount attempt to be delayed until the network is up, but that doesn't seem to have helped.   /data/pool3   nfs   _netdev,rw,nolock,nfsvers=3   0   0

I've done some googling on the subject, and all the results I've found are either assertions that _netdev should do the trick, or reports of it not working.  The only case I've found of someone making it work is the unacceptable workaround of adding the mount to /etc/rc.local.  

Does anyone know if the _netdev option is actually expected to work in Debian 9, and if not, what the proper way to set an NFS mount at boot actually is?


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