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Re: Buster: "cannot run in framebuffer mode"

On 03/09/18 10:33, Lucio wrote:
On 03/09/18 09:46, Felix Miata wrote:
Does /dev/fb0 exist?

I can't check the notebook just now, but in the desktop system yes, it exists and the firmware-amd-graphics package was already installed.

The notebook was missing the firmware-amd-graphics package, but please note that /dev/fb0 existed even before installing it.

Now that's installed the situation is probably worse: Xorg manages to start, lightdm shows up and then the notebook suddendly reboots, so I have a boot loop, because now Xorg and lightdm start automatically.

Actually I know how to boot in single user mode and avoid the boot loop, but I'm not sure about what to do next. Maybe I'll try with a less recent kernel.

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