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Re: Debian installation

I have two computers. One is fedora and the other I want Debian on it.
Both computers run Ethernet to a router that runs dd-wrt and fedora connects to internet just fine. I’m actually running a wireless Ethernet to the modem that connects to isp(cox).
But if Debian has firmware included in the installation for WiFi then I may try that on it.
Is it possible to manually setup a link to mirror after installation and scan the mirror manual.
I know much earlier versions we was able to do that, but that was a while ago.

On Sun, Sep 2, 2018, at 22:30, Mark Fletcher wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 02, 2018 at 09:34:40PM -0700, Harold Hartley wrote:
> > I had ordered myself a Debian dvd 9.5 and everything was installing
> > great until it came to scan the mirrors.It seems I was not able to scan a mirror so that I would be able to apt
> > an app, but I tried many mirrors and nothing.Can someone on here help me with a solution to get it to scan a mirror
> > successfully.I ordered the dvd from a link from Debian website and nothing is wrong
> > with the dvd.
> > --
> Hello Harold, and welcome to Debian!
> If there are _no_ mirrors available, that sounds to me more like a
> problem with your local network setup, most likely your network device
> in your computer is not recognised properly. By any chance is it WiFi?
> Some WiFi devices especially in laptops need proprietary firmware and
> don't work out of the box off the first DVD. There is a
> "firmware-included" installer that might have a better chance of working
> in that case. I wouldn't _generally_ expect that to be an issue if you
> are connected by a wired ethernet connection, but wouldn't totally rule
> it out.
> If you can give us more information about your hardware and how you
> access the internet, the community should be able to help more.
> Mark

  Harold Hartley
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