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Re: Debian installation

On Sun, Sep 02, 2018 at 09:34:40PM -0700, Harold Hartley wrote:
> I had ordered myself a Debian dvd 9.5 and everything was installing
> great until it came to scan the mirrors.It seems I was not able to scan a mirror so that I would be able to apt
> an app, but I tried many mirrors and nothing.Can someone on here help me with a solution to get it to scan a mirror
> successfully.I ordered the dvd from a link from Debian website and nothing is wrong
> with the dvd.
> --

Hello Harold, and welcome to Debian!

If there are _no_ mirrors available, that sounds to me more like a 
problem with your local network setup, most likely your network device 
in your computer is not recognised properly. By any chance is it WiFi? 
Some WiFi devices especially in laptops need proprietary firmware and 
don't work out of the box off the first DVD. There is a 
"firmware-included" installer that might have a better chance of working 
in that case. I wouldn't _generally_ expect that to be an issue if you 
are connected by a wired ethernet connection, but wouldn't totally rule 
it out.

If you can give us more information about your hardware and how you 
access the internet, the community should be able to help more.


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