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Re: Odd problem with MATE Search Tool

On Fri, Aug 31, 2018 at 07:29:26AM -0500, Richard Owlett wrote:
> I just installed SciTE text editor from the repository.
> The default font size was too small so I went looking for the appropriate
> properties file.
> I entered "scite" in the "Name contains:" box and chose "Filesystem" in the
> "Look in folder:" box.
> Got no hits.
> Doing a reboot had no effect.
> Doing a manual browse found the is a /etc/scite directory.
> To check the tools functionality I searched for "python" getting many hits
> [including /etc/python].

I installed scite:  sudo apt install scite
I started scite: scite &
I clicked on the second Help option. It opened a web page.
I read through until I got to:

  Much of SciTE's behaviour can be changed by editing the properties files.
  There are four properties files used:
  User properties file called "SciTEUser.properties" on Windows
  and ".SciTEUser.properties" on GTK+

By convention, a dotfile like that will be in your $HOME.

A little later I read:

  font.monospace  Defines, with the same syntax as the style
  properties, the font name and size to be used when the Use
  Monospaced Font command is performed.

> What's happening?

I'm typing a response in vim.


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