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Re: [OT] Best (o better than yahoo) mail provider for malinglists

Am Dienstag, 28. August 2018 schrieb Francesco Porro:
> Ciao,
> As a member of this mailing list, I have a little (OT) question for you:
> which is the best free email service around to receive mailing lists?
> I mean, somethihng that has a good Imap server, good enough to be
> accessed by a MUA like Thunderbird without issues, and good spam filter
> which won't bother me with false-positives?.
> Now, i'm using a free account on yahoo, as you can see, but I get some
> of email bounces and moreover spam filters are really awful: they mark
> as spam a lot of non-spam, genuine mails coming from i.e. the
> Gnome/Evolution mailing list. Some months ago I was subscribed on my
> primary account which is a Gmail one, but then I wanted to separate
> mailing lists from the rest (so I moved those to yahoo).
> What do you think about GMX?? Is it a good solution for that purpose?
> I've already one signed up so i'd would be trivial to set this apart and
> move to the @gmx.com one.
> Thank you!

Hi Francesco,

I'm on gmx.net since long and they frequently give me false positives even with 
addresses which I've been receiving for years or seemingly random messages from 
this or other mailing lists. Everytime I see those in the daily spam report I 
have to log in via their website interface to free them out of the spam folder 
to be able to download them with my precious email client. I've recently 
started to think this provider *wants* me to have to log in and use the website 
with all the horrible ads and articles... and so have been considering, as 
recommended by John Hasler, to switch to a paid email service provider, which 
I'm gonna do soon.

My two cents...

Kind regards,

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