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Re: lots of issues with KDE after update


yes, as I am doing full-ugrades nearly every day, I saw this issue very quick. 
But whenever I see an issue, I wait a few days before filing a bug. In many 
cases appeasring bugs are solved within a few days, maybe because the 
developer himself corrects his errors or someone elese found the reason for a 
bug (it is great and impressive, to see, how fast bugs are fixed in debian! Or 
in the open source worrls at all). 

When a bug appears for a longer time, then I ask if someone got the same 
issue. If I knew the buggy poackage, I filoe the bugreport myself.

FYI, I opened a bugreport on the KDE-site to this issue (KDE: general) with 
the hope, the developers know better, which lib or app is responsible.

Great to know, that I am not the only one, so it is sure a bug.

Thankls for confirming this.

Best regards and happy hacking


> Hai Hans,
> It is not just you. I am having the same issues.
> Maybe it is coincidence, but after exactly the same apt-get upgrade with a
> lot of plasma updates pan started acting up as well. However pan is GTK,
> not Qt, so I don't know for sure those problems are related to the same
> issues as plasma is having at the moment.
> P.S. This is on testing with apt-get udate/apt-get upgrade/apt-get
> dist-upgrade being run once every few (about 3) days, so no significant
> backlog in updates. Therefore I presume the problems must originate in a
> library that was updated last Thursday of Friday.
> Grx HdV

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