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lots of issues with KDE after update

Hi folks,

after lates upgrade of KDE in debian/testing, I found several issues.

1. Missing of all applications (icons) inm the taskbar

2. Missing of all status icons in the taskbar

3. Right mouse click in for desktop settimngs in desktop nbo more working (so 
I can not add any widgests or change desktop settings). Even unlocking the 
desktop is thus no more possible.

4. The weather plasmoid (widget) disappeared.

I would have filed a bugreport, but I still copuld not discover, which 
particular package or libnrary is responsible for this behaviour.
If someone knows more, I would be happy, if he could give me some clue.

The system here is runnning debian/testing 32-bit, if this issue appears on a 
64-bit system is unknown, as I do not own a 64-bit debian system at the 

It would also help, if these isssue can be confirmeds as known. I googled, but 
found only issues with Ubuntu, not debian.

Thanks for any hints.

Best regards


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