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Re: Re: Re: DHCP to static without reboot?

If I use a completely vanilla freshly installed VM (on VirtualBox)...  LXDE, but otherwise standard options:

Even a simple "ifdown <interface>" with no configuration changes gives inconsistent results.  Three different results so far:

1) Sometimes it SEEMS like it releases the DHCP address, and completes successfully.  ifconfig however shows the interface still there, with an IP that can be pinged.

2) Again, seems to complete successfully BUT an ifconfig shows the interface without any IP.

3) The ifdown completes successfully, and gets the expected results.

I've waited to make sure I'm not being too quick for a process to complete or something.  I'm simply getting inconsistent results with identical VM snapshots, and I'm at a loss.

Oh, I forgot...  I think I mentioned earlier in the thread I got some kind of (uninformative) systemd message, but that was just one run out of perhaps 50 or so.

Mark Pavlichuk

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