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Re: mailing list vs "the futur"

On Fri, Aug 24, 2018 at 09:52:25PM +0300, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> MANY IAP forbid the use of NNTP (e.g. the french Providers Bougues and
> Orange) because of the HUGE traffic it produce.

NNTP is about the same efficiency as email.

Usenet with binaries groups, on the other hand, matches what you
are thinking about.

> Also you can not access NNTP from mobile devices without killing your
> data traffic allowance...

As above.

> Telia in Estonia has no restrictions, but downloading the index of a
> Kernel Devel Newsgroup has just produced 356MByte traffic!  WTF?
> 96.000 Messages?

96000 messages sounds like a couple of years worth of traffic --
and kernel groups tend to send patches.

You're letting specific weird cases frighten you away from a
perfectly reasonable protocol.


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