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Re: no boot - kinda

On Fri, Aug 24, 2018 at 6:57 AM <tomas@tuxteam.de> wrote:

> Indeed -- I had to do this a couple of days ago, and in my notes
> (I do take notes when doing such things: age and that) I see
>   "Jeez. What a Rube Goldberg. Should I say Grube Goldberg?"
> It's one of those cases where each step towards building the tower
> seems to make sense, and at the end you say "wait: how did we arrive
> here?".

A post of those notes (with an addition on whether they worked or not)
might be very interesting to a fellow Debian user of the elderly
persuasion :-)

This thread on grub2 is getting really scary. I'm afraid to make
changes in the grub2 configs because an error could easily brick my
machine. And futzing with /etc/default doesn't seem to impress grub2 a
whole lot. Not concerning what I want to do, anyway.

I think that what I'm wanting to do is completely remove some kernels
from grub2's consideration and go back to one that works for me --
that seems to be a tricky job.

The installer and the updater send magic incantations to grub2 that
successfully add/delete kernels to the boot process. Anybody have any
idea what those might be?

How about just removing all references to the ones I don't want from
/boot and running update-grub?

Glenn English

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