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no boot - kinda

Buster, Supermicro box

I updated this morning, and I couldn't reboot afterward. It halted at
trying to do something with the USB stick that's my /boot partition. *

After some time in the advanced grub menu, I found that the new kernel
would boot fine in recovery mode, and would come up normally if I just
CTL-D'ed at the prompt.

After some more time, I found that the kernel a couple updates ago
would boot normally when I selected it in the grub menu. As a side
effect, I got my RME sound card back (PulseAudio still showed up in
the AlsaMixer).

I'm told that grub.cfg is a place I don't want to be. Can someone tell
me how to get grub to boot the working OS, or maybe how to fix the new

I edited the old grub several years and got the result I wanted, but
grub2 is a new universe...

* There's an M.2 as /, BIOS doesn't know about M.2, but it does USB,
and Debian knows about M.2. So the boot chain is BIOS-USB-M.2.

Glenn English

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