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Re: question about memtest86+

Long Wind <longwind2@yahoo.com> writes:

> i install memtest86+ of stretch to test memory
> i don't see any error msg, but after a few minutes, it shutdown my PC
> does that mean my memory is bad?
> i read manual of memtest86+, can't find explaination

I see other people have mentioned possible temperature issues, so I'll
mention something that may or may not be relevant:  a BIOS update pushed
by Dell to my laptop enabled a CPU "turbo boost" mode that overclocked
the CPU.  Under any sort of load (and memtest86+ is certainly a load!)
it would go into thermal shutdown in a couple of minutes, without having
logged any sort of messages about heat.  Disabling the mode in the BIOS
gave me a stable system again.

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