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Re: Lightening Hit screwed boot sequence on Stretch

On 08/22/2018 05:53 AM, J.W. Foster wrote:
Wow, this is all extremely  good and I have not got  a gadget for testing the actual computers power supply inline. I did use a good quality meter to check the incoming line and it is stable out of the surge protectors at 121 VAC.The thing tha concerns me is that only one (Toshiba) drive has the boot sequence that stalls. I am pretty sure there is something that is wrong there, just don't know what. I does seem to be linked to the video card setup. Please keep in mind all my correspondence is coming from one of the Debian 9 systems on this box. and I can also use the Win10 or the other. I have in GRUB the ability to boot from any of the 4 installed hard drives as well as a DVD drive.Thanks for such a complete answer.

Please "reply to list" in your mailer.

Measuring the voltage at your surge arrester outlet strip is a reasonable go/no-go test, but a good electrician with specialized instruments can gather more detailed information.

A PC power supply tester is well worth the under ~20 USD price. It is not uncommon for one rail to fail and the rest of the power supply to keep working. This failure mode is difficult or impossible to identify without a PC power supply tester (or equivalent test jig).

Go to the Toshiba support site, enter your drive model or serial number, download the drive diagnostic, and run it:



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