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Gemini PDA -- Voice assist -- does that work with all the OSs

I now see that the Gemini PDA is available with 4 operating systems (maybe one 
is still vaporware), but they are Linux, Android, and 2 versions of Sailfish.

It has a voice assist button, and I'd like to know more about how this works:

   * does it work with all the operating systems available on the Gemini?  If 
not, which OSs does it work with?  

A somewhat related / alternate question is whether that voice assist is 
totally hardware driven (which I doubt) or does it require software (in which 
case, that software might work only in some of the available OSs.

   * presumably, for voice assist to work while the Gemini is in your pocket 
(which is mentioned on at least one webpage), the Gemini must be on and booted 
into an appropriate OS?


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