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Re: yabasic problem


Note: this mail is purely nostalgic and not about yaboot.

David Wright wrote:
> [HP 9845B] If they had a weak point, it was those little tape drives

I once had a hidden line removal program reading a 3D model from one
tape and writing the intermediate result to the other. Then i had to
change the first tape, load the next program, insert the final result
tape, and let the program gnaw the data back from the intermediate tape.
One could hear the computer work. When it was done, it beeped and
printed a screen dump on the thermo printer between the tapes.
And of course neither model nor result were allowed to be larger than
200 KB.

> sample is burning away in a
> vacuum on an incandescent filament with a lifetime of perhaps 20
> minutes, a bug report is their saying "Er, Houston, we have a
> problem". That's peer pressure.

This gives real time programming a whole new meaning.

> But the ability to
> interrogate and set any variable in the current context (which could
> be made very large with COM statements) was invaluable, as was the
> ability to PAUSE, EDIT, RUN and CONTINUE within seconds and be back
> running your sample.

Well, back then we were stupid enough to do such things and smart enough
to get away with them. OPTION BASE 1.

Have a nice day :)


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