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Re: yabasic problem

On 2018-08-19, Richard Owlett <rowlett@cloud85.net> wrote:
>> I tried to look up their online documentation, but it's one of
>> those stupid javascript-only sites, and I tend to avoid that.
>> Attention economy? I can play that: they won't get mine.
> So somebody agrees with me.
> A well done HTML manual is in the Debian package.
> Thanks

I glanced at some doc and your manner of creating a variable is rather

You can test for successful file opening thusly:

 if (not open(#1,"test.dat","r")) print "Can't open the file!"

Opening test.dat in the current directory, reading and printing its
contents, which are:

 one two three 
 four five 
 six seven eight nine


 open 1,"test.dat","r" 
  input #1 a$ 
  line input b$ 
  print "a$=\"",a$,"\", b$=\"",b$,"\"" 

To create a variable (and then open and read that):

 input #a a$

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