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yabasic problem

I've installed yabasic from the repository.

I invoked as:> richard@debian-jan13:~$
richard@debian-jan13:~$ yabasic

This is yabasic version 2.78.0,
built on i686-pc-linux-gnu at Mon Jan 23 14:17:02 UTC 2017
My code fragment is:
infile$  = "/home/richard/Documents/cherrytree/edit_bookmarks/expermental_copies/prettytest0txt"
outfile$ = "/home/richard/Documents/cherrytree/edit_bookmarks/expermental_copies/1stpass.txt"
print peek$("error")
fd_out = open(outfile$,"w")
print peek$("error")

For both print peek$("error") I'm told "No such file or directory".
The file to be read EXISTS and belongs to "richard"

I'm running the i386 flavor of Debian Stretch on a 686 machine [ThinkPad T510]


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