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Re: checkbox in libreoffice base doesn't work anymore

On Sat, 18 Aug 2018 19:40:50 +0200
Flo <debianflo@gmx.at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I wrote a database program where I built a form which uses a checkbox.
> It has always worked.
> I haven't used that program for a few months and now the checkbox in
> the form doesn't work anymore.
> I am using Version: .
> Does anyone have a clue what happened. I tried a lot to make it work
> but I failed.
> Going through the options menu now I realize that there are no check
> boxes. It looks like that they have disappeared completely in my
> LibreOffice.
> What can that be? I hope anyone can help.

The best help I can offer is to recommend you don't use Base for
anything mission-critical. It's barely useable, buggy as hell and
it frequently regresses. It hasn't improved much in the last five years,
though at least it can talk to MySQL directly now rather than using the
even less functional ODBC.

You and I must be two of about three people in the world using Base,
because there's no sense of urgency there. I'm doing pretty much all my
database work in PHP now.


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