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Re: Repository Problem

On 08/18/2018 10:20 AM, Dan Ritter wrote:
On Sat, Aug 18, 2018 at 08:15:12PM +1000, David wrote:
On 18 August 2018 at 05:00, Stephen P. Molnar <s.molnar@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
I have just installed Stretch on a new SSD on my platform.

During the installation I selected the University of Chicago mirror and
accepted the defaults plus backports.

When I fun apt-get install Thunderbird apt-get tries to log on to
prod.debian.map.fastly.net (2a04:4E42:2c::2040 and hangs. I can't find that
address anywhere in /etc/apt.  Why am I getting this behavior?
As explained at [1], the debian-security repo [2] might be provided to
you by fastly.net.

Access to the debian-security repo is important because it is the method
by which your system will receive future security updates.

Even more
important, how do I get rid of  the problem?
If by "the problem" you mean the "hang", then you need to investigate why
that is occurring.
Two cents says that he doesn't have upstream IPv6 connectivity.

If ping6 fails for both prod.debian.map.fastly.net and
www.google.com, that's a decent indicator I'm right.

Then the question is whether he expects to have IPv6
connectivity (and so it's broken) or whether he doesn't (and we
should tell Debian to stop using it).


Thank for the reply.

Where can I send the two cents?  It looks as if that's correct.

The installer installed ipv6 without giving me any choice about the matter. How do I get rid of ipv9 and replace it WITH ipv4?

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