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Re: does btrfs have a feature?


On Thu, Aug 16, 2018 at 07:56:57AM +0200, Anders Andersson wrote:
> With btrfs you can just throw any block devices together and it will
> automatically use whatever it can, restricted to the level of
> redundancy you requested.

This is what originally led me to give btrfs a try at home.

Unfortunately since then I've experienced multiple occasions where a
device fails and it renders the btrfs filesystem that it's part of

I haven't lost any data but I've had it go read-only, I've had
situations where it was impossible to logically remove a dead device
without upgrading the kernel to a version not packaged in Debian
(and so requiring reboot and filesystem offline until this was

If you follow the btrfs list then these sorts of things are still
happening to this day.

In a multi-device environment, availability comes ahead of
convenience for me, so my btrfs experiment won't be going beyond my
home any time soon.


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