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does btrfs have a feature?


I'm just just curious. 
In the beginning of btrfs, most blogs, websites, magazins said btrfs will be THE next standard linux filesystem, so now after araound 10years it doesn't look so good, or? 

Who use btrfs in production? What do you think - does have btrfs a feature (because ZFS on Linux is more and more stable, RedHat said we don't want btrfs anymore and focus to xfs)

I use btrfs on some new bare-metal machines for the root-disks, because it has a build-in RAID1 and snapshots, I know LVM and md-raid have also this possibilities but in btrfs it is much easier. I don't use it for data or other things(mail, database, etc), cause it is slow compared to ext4/xfs. I'm also wondering why the hell btrfs don't support ssd's for caching like zfs.

thanks for you opinions!

best regards

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