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Re: need help: some words is not easy to understand in /Bugs/server-request


i now understand that the page is not about _submitting_ bugs but rather
for operating the bug tracker.
In that light, Brian's statement would indeed explain the meaning.

Brian wrote:
> The subject of the mail has no importance and request@bugs.debian.org
> will completely ignore it. So you can put anything in the subject line,
> such as "Send for bugnumber" (or even leave it blank).
> IMO, the sentence could simply be rewritten to "The Subject of the
> message is ignored." without loss of essential meaning.

If this theory is correct, i'd prepend a half sentence to the original

  "Other than with submitting a bug report,
   the Subject of the message is ignored, except for generating the
   Subject of the reply."

I lookied up some control action in closed bugs.
The message
indeed has a subject which does not show up on the bug page:

Have a nice day :)


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