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Re: USB2 or 3 WiFi dual band adapters

On 12/08/18 13:51, Joel Wirāmu Pauling wrote:
On 9 August 2018 at 03:12, tony mollica <tmollica@silcom.com> wrote:
I need to find a good, reliable WiFi adapter.  I have an Alfa AWUS036ACH
using a RTL8812au chip
and there is support but it's unreliable.  Connects sometimes, mostly
not.  My older adapters work
but they're slow but maybe that's the compromise I need to resolve.
What's being used reliably?
[reordered by the posting order secret police]
> Basically find one that uses the ath9k Chipset. They are easily the best
> supported Wifi Interface.
> If you need Wireless AC then ath10k based products are useable too.
> The Intel ranges are OK as clients, but are not really very Opensource.
> Ath9k has the best Fully Opensource impementation out of any of the
> Wireless cards.
> https://wikidevi.com/wiki/Ath9k

+1 for ath9k. I am using a TP-Link TL-WN722N (ath9k_htc). I have two. Inexpensive, high-gain antenna, quite reliable despite regular hard work.

Inadvertent enabling of QoS while idle breaks connectivity in a small range of kernel versions:
Found in versions linux/4.15.4-1, linux/4.15.11-1, linux/4.14.17-1
Fixed in versions linux/4.16.5-1, linux/4.15.17-1

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