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Re: USB2 or 3 WiFi dual band adapters

Basically find one that uses the ath9k Chipset. They are easily the best supported Wifi Interface.

If you need Wireless AC then ath10k based products are useable too.

The Intel ranges are OK as clients, but are not really very Opensource. Ath9k has the best Fully Opensource impementation out of any of the Wireless cards.


On 9 August 2018 at 03:12, tony mollica <tmollica@silcom.com> wrote:


I need to find a good, reliable WiFi adapter.  I have an Alfa AWUS036ACH using a RTL8812au chip
and there is support but it's unreliable.  Connects sometimes, mostly not.  My older adapters work
but they're slow but maybe that's the compromise I need to resolve.

What's being used reliably?



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