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Re: Plasma 5 unusuable after latest buster "upgrade"


From: Gary Dale <garyndp@gmail.com>
Sent: Saturday, 11 August 2018 3:23 AM
To: Debian Users ML
Subject: Re: Plasma 5 unusuable after latest buster "upgrade"
On 2018-08-10 12:48 PM, Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer wrote:
> Hi Gary!
> According to your issues I can only think in an issue with your video
> card. What do you have there?
> Another thing to try is creating another user.
> FWIW no one else has reported an issue like yours yet, or at least not
> to my knowledge.
It would have to be a weird issue since the video seems to be working
nicely most of the time.

Since rebooting sometimes makes previous desktops unusable, I was
thinking perhaps a flaw in the ssd was corrupting some files and that it
only became apparent after a reboot, but it passes the SMART tests and
there is no other indication of a problem with it.

I created a new user and logged into Plasma. It seemed to work but I
didn't spend a lot of time. Instead I rebooted and tried logging in
again. This time it locked up.

I'm back running Gnome Flashback after rebooting earlier today to try
Plasma again. It didn't work. Neither did Gnome. After failing to get
back into XFCE, I also tried TWM for the first time. It failed to start.
Gnome Flashback seems to be the only installed window manager I can access.

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