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Re: New su behavior in util-linux 2.32

On 2018-08-11, Stefan Krusche <linux@stefan-krusche.de> wrote:
>>   The first difference is probably the most user visible one. Doing
>>   plain 'su' is a really bad idea for many reasons, so using 'su -' is
>>   strongly recommended to always get a newly set up environment similar
>>   to a normal login. If you want to restore behaviour more similar to
>>   the previous one you can add 'ALWAYS_SET_PATH yes' in /etc/login.defs.
>> ---
>> The new 'su' is useless for me because it cannot launch root program.
>> I did the modification in /etc/login.defs and restore the previous
>> behavior. However I am concern with the statement " Doing plain 'su'
>> is a really bad idea for many reasons".
>> Could someone explain to me why this is a bad behavior?
>> Pétùr
> Hello Pétùr,
> only recently until a couple days ago there was a lengthy discussion about just 
> that. Have you missed that? Have a look in the archives for a subject line like 
> this: "use of su vs sudo" ...

There was a lengthy discussion, but within it I don't remember anyone
detailing the numerous reasons (or any reason at all) executing plain
'su' is a "really bad idea," (where I'm reading "really bad idea" to
mean having unintended and very detrimental consequences to the
hapless user).

> Kind regards,
> Stefan

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