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Re: mailing list is the future (corrected spelling mistakes)

On 2018-08-11, Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@tamay-dogan.net> wrote:
> Am DATE hackte Brad Rogers in die Tasten:
>> The wheel has been around for well over two thousand years.  Perhaps
>> we
>> should get rid of that, too.
> Oh yeah, -- let's hoover!

That's a vacuum cleaner. 

Of course, those new-fangled digital Dysons, when set to blow, can
probably blast you off to Io.

BTW I take issue with the two thousand year figure for the invention of
the wheel. I'm reading: "4500–3300 BCE: Copper Age, invention of the
potter's wheel; earliest wooden wheels (disks with a hole for the axle);
earliest wheeled vehicles, domestication of the horse" over at

He did say "well over," people will point out, but there's the unwritten
rule that the quantity attributed to a "well over" cannot be superior to
the original, base quantity the expression would have us augment by some
unspecified amount. IOW, if I say, "It took me well over a month," that
cannot rightly mean it took me two and half months. Maybe it would mean
five weeks or something. To tell the truth I don't know what the hell it
would mean.

But that's hover and well over five thousand.


> Time to get cars without wheels.

"She was a blank wall, fresh painted." 
Louise Erdrich, Love Medicine

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