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RE: mailing list vs "the futur"

tech wrote:

> as i dont want to troll the debian-list, and as i already received several
> mails ( a first for me ) saying i am a dumbass, a stupid eager young ....
> for the audience, i will stop the broadcast of bad words here.
> i need to go to the post office to send a letter, so i will take my horse
> ... as i leave approximatly at 39 km, iand my horse is running at 21 Km/h,
> it will take for the round trip around 4 hours to come back ...

you are free to move to a city where they drive electric cars. good luck

You can't simply replace something working, while people are using it. It is
enormous effort with consequences you can obviously not imagine. At the end
nothing is for free, so who will pay for all the work? Or how will you
motivate someone to move the mailing lists to something else, that even you
can not guarantee that it will work?

think of those


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