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What time is it, really?


Someone complained off list about the timestamp in my emails being off. Being a hardware person I think hardware should work properly and clocks should keep accurate time. So I installed ntpdate as suggested but it is not active yet.

If I ask google what time it is in Mesa AZ. the response agrees closely with an "atomic" clock I have. The computer clock is about 10 min. fast.

fred@ragnok:~$ /usr/sbin/ntpdate -q time.nist.gov
server 2610:20:6f96:96::4, stratum 1, offset -610.512368, delay 0.09421
server, stratum 1, offset -610.509394, delay 0.08899
 9 Aug 06:51:15 ntpdate[13672]: step time server
offset -610.509394 sec

fred@ragnok:~$ date
Thu Aug  9 06:51:18 MST 2018

The time server is quite close to the computer clock. What causes the discrepancy? The offset in the time server response is about 10 min. The offset is measured from what to what and how is it measured?

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