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SystemD problem with launching a server


So I'd like to run rinetd at boot time on Stretch along with sshd.

I've no problem running rinetd manually using /usr/sbin/rinetd
or in a script using the same command. ps aux |grep rinetd shows it's running and it works as expected.

So I've written a service file for systemd, /etc/systemd/system/rinetd.service and enabled it with systemctl enable /etc/systemd/system/rinetd.service. At boot time the file gets run but nothing shows up with ps aux, although sshd is running correctly. I think the problem is with the systemd file. Here's the rinetd.service file:

# /etc/systemd/system/rinetd.service
# A systemd.service file to start
# /usr/sbin/rinetd at boot time.

Description=Start rinetd server
After=multi-user.target network.target sshd.service



Any clues? Is this file too sparse? Or am I pining for the fjords?


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