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SOLVED (Was: Re: [RESEND] lxde error)

Dear Reco,

Reco <recoverym4n@gmail.com> writes:

> 	Hi.
> On Sun, Aug 05, 2018 at 07:14:15PM +0900, Byung-Hee HWANG (황병희, 黃炳熙) wrote:
>> Sorry Reco, my attached file was somewhat odd. So re-send it as files.
> And now it's getting some sense at last.
> This Crouton thing starts xinit, which in turn starts startlxde, which
> invokes lxsession, which parses files at /etc/xdg/autostart and starts
> lxpolkit along the other things.
> lxpolkit, along the other things, invokes
> "polkit_agent_register_listener" library function, which (supposedly
> through DBUS mumbo-jumbo) ends up at "polkit_unix_session_initable_init"
> function.
> The choice of names is kind of meh, but that particular function invokes
> "sd_pid_get_owner_uid" function. Being part of systemd (sd-login.c to be
> precise), it's hardly surprising that it returns anything meaningful
> only if the systemd is pid1, user has registered a logind session, etc.
> Which is not the case for you, because of the Crouton is written for the
> completely different usecase. Moreover, the man himself spoke on the
> similar issue at [1], and said "lxpolkit is broken, fix it".
> The remaining question is - what to do with all this?
> I suspect that patching out problematic parts of policykit is out of
> question (it is for me at least), so I propose either:
> 1) Removing /etc/xdg/autostart/lxpolkit.desktop.
> 2) Replacing /usr/bin/lxpolkit with a symlink to /bin/true.
> Reco
> [1] https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/833

And now fixed all problem, i just wanted to remove error pop-up window.

Thanks, indeed...^^^

Sincerely, Byung-Hee.

^고맙습니다 _地平天成_ 감사합니다_^))//

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