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Re: need help with bashburn


Cindy-Sue Causey wrote:
> Man, cdrskin is
> little. That always amazes me when a lot of power can be had in very
> small Linux programs.

That's because most of the brain sits in libburn.so. The static build is
three times as big.

Champion in size is growisofs, if we do not count the bloat of
libstdc++.so. The whole DVD burning knowledge of the program fits into
100 KiB. (The reason is the lack of any neat software architecture.
A straight hack with no fear of future consequences.)

Xfburn suffers from fatty degeneration by desktop libraries, like the
other big GUI programs K3B and Brasero. Run ldd on them and enjoy all
the funny names.

Fred wrote:
> wodim: Badly placed option. Global options must be before any track.

This happens e.g. with

  wodim -v dev=/dev/sr0 my_file -eject

but not with

  wodim -v dev=/dev/sr0 my_file -tao

So it is not about the man page section in which the trailing option is
(It is like with Pain Bot: Not a bad robot after all - he was just simply
 raised by a villain.)

cdrskin is not that nitpicking. It would be interesting to see whether
disguising it as wodim would solve the problem for a test:

  mv /usr/bin/wodim /usr/bin/real_wodim
  ln -s cdrskin /usr/bin/wodim

Or less intrusive to the system, change in /usr/share/bashburn/BashBurn.sh
  BB_CDBURNCMD: cdrskin

cdrskin does not support all options known to wodim.


Looking at
i wonder how

	if ${BB_CDBURNCMD} dev=${BBCDWRITER} speed=${BBSPEED} \
		$audio ${BBPADDING} -eject -v ${BBOBURN} "$@"

called by

	if ! _burning ${BBBURNDIR}/*.$imagetype

can cause that wodim error.

You could try to learn the effective wodim command by reporting it in
at line 82:

    if (( doit ))
+       echo  ${BB_CDBURNCMD} dev=${BBCDWRITER} speed=${BBSPEED} \
+             ${BBDTAO} ${BBDRIVEROPT} \
+             $audio ${BBPADDING} -eject -v ${BBOBURN} "$@" >&2
	if ${BB_CDBURNCMD} dev=${BBCDWRITER} speed=${BBSPEED} \
		$audio ${BBPADDING} -eject -v ${BBOBURN} "$@"

Have a nice day :)


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