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Re: How to diagnose and report a bug

On 2018-06-15, rv riveravaldez <riveravaldezmail@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, I've found this bug consistently on debian testing (updated):
> Steps to reproduce:
> In pcmanfm's address bar, type:
> ssh://user@ip
> Write password, Enter.
> Navigate to the remote machine user's folder.
> Open, edit and save a plain text file with leafpad.
> Result:
> The file gets blanked (no content at all).

Obviously one test to attempt to corner the real culprit in this affair
would be to try another editor. How about gedit, for example? Or have
you done that already? 

Reading the little thread below gets me to thinking leafpad is the guilty party
rather than pcmanfm:


> Mounting the remote machine with sshfs, and doing the next steps
> identically, works fine.
> Packages:
> leafpad
> pcmanfm  1.3.0-1
> ssh            1:7.7p1-2
> Any recomendations on how to diagnose and report this bug?
> Thanks a lot.


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