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Re: GCC 7

Georgi, thank you for you email.

I gave it a try. On Stretch, GCC 8.1 compiled and installed cleanly. I put the path to the gcc binary (/usr/local/gcc-8.1.0/bin) in my PATH, and I compiled and ran my code without any other configuration. I expected some linking problems, but the binary dynamically links to the system libraries, and things are OK. Cool! Thanks again!


On 13.06.2018 23:43, Georgi Naplatanov wrote:
On 06/13/2018 11:04 AM, Irek Szcześniak wrote:

I need GCC 7 on my Debian Stretch.  Previously I upgraded my Stretch to
Testing (Buster), but I ran to some problems, and reinstalled the system
back to Stretch.

Could someone offer an advice on how to get a working GCC 7 on Debian
Stretch, without upgrading to Testing?

Another option could be to build GCC-7 yourself from source. Don't
forget to use appropriate prefix when you run "configure".

Kind regards

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