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Re: pkg-config: required as dep so often - How and where to report?

On 04th of May 2018, Alexander Traud wrote:

Do you have an idea, where I report this?

Do I report this just with those packages which affect me:
- libsrtp2-dev
- libglib2.0-dev
and they take over? Or do I report with somebody else, like another
mailing list?

By the way, how do I report correctly bugs in packages:
I am on Ubuntu and the originating package is libxml2-dev.
A) 4 reports: report on Ubuntu plus Debian and link those?
              report with libxml2 plus libglib2.0 and link those? Or
B) 1 report:  report just with the cause (Debian libglib2.0-dev)? Or
C) 2 reports: report just with Ubuntu and they report upstream.

Debian wrote:
> <http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/dreq.html#control>
> <http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/#document-ch-relationships>

I understand those documents in this way:
Not Depends but Recommends or Suggests.

deloptes wrote:
> You can of course request putting [pkg-config] in as suggested for
> example.

That is what I am about: Suggests. Especially because there are (at
least) three different pkg-config in the repository. I might want to
use another one.

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