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Re: Not power off after shutdown in Jessie

On 06/04/2018 03:12 PM, Curt wrote:

I'm really too ignorant to be answering questions and should be asking some.

However I can't think of any.

Except: any clues in the logs?

Look here:



  Debugging boot/shutdown problems

which explains how to create a root debug shell on VT 9 available quite
late in the shutdown process; or, failing or in lieu of that, generating a
shutdown-log.txt file instead.

Good luck.

Thank you for ideas. Well I am not an expert into debugging shutdown processes at all. However, systemctl in VT9 returned some "failed" units for boot (as well as many still "active" ones for shutdown), among which I saw "failed" clamd or some else service related to clamav. And since I really did not need any clam* things on that particular machine any more, I went to Synaptic manager and purged them all.

(Btw, I noticed that all those clam* things still belonged to Wheezy ... like deb7u1 or so, dunno whether they should had been automatically upgraded to some deb8u* during the distro upgrade Wheezy LTS >> Jessie.)

Whatever, the first next shutdown was successful, as well as the subsequent dozen ones, as well as the reboot sessions. Will keep an eye on that ... tnx for now.

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