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Re: Not power off after shutdown in Jessie

On 05/31/2018 04:18 PM, Curt wrote:

On 2018-05-31, Miroslav Skoric <skoric@eunet.rs> wrote:
After upgrading from Wheezy LTS to Jessie, one of my machines having 512
MB RAM, does not power off when it reached target shutdown. It seems
some old issue/bug with systemd or else. In fact, everything closes down
properly except it does not unmount the following:


... and hangs there forever. That did not happen in Wheezy. Any idea?

You could try logging out, I've read somewhere, switching to a console,
logging in as root (or another user entirely) and executing
'systemd-cgls' to determine what processes are still running for the
user in question (assuming for the moment your problem is related to
some program in your session being "stuck.")

I did so, and noticed just some few Gnome -related things to be active for the user 106 - myself? (although I logged out from the Mate desktop and not from Gnome), as well as a few items active for user 1000 i.e. root (such as 'sudo su' and 'systemd-cgls').

Anyway, to be sure whether any of those processes were needed to run or not, I did in parallel the same test with another slower machine running Jessie at only 224MB RAM (also the recent upgrade from Wheezy), but which one performs proper shutdown/poweroff.

You bet, at both machines exactly the same processes were listed as still running for user 106 and user 1000. However, only the better one box having 512 MB RAM, does not power off when reached target shutdown.

Any other thing to try?

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