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Re: End-user effects of IPv4 - IPv6 transistion


On Sat, Jun 09, 2018 at 09:42:03AM -0500, Richard Owlett wrote:
> The recent post about disabling IPv6 raised the question "How does this
> affect me?"

Well, if you need to disable it, its pretty straightforward.
The question is - why would you need to do so.

> A Duck-Duck-Go search gave a number of hits what the were and also some
> historical information.
> How does this affect a home user with only one machine?

You're paying your ISP to take care of the hard part of this equation
(billing, routing, peer isolation to name a few).
If T-Mobile is providing you with IPv6, everything should Just Work™ for
If it does not - there's big fat chance of a local configuration problem.

> As one of the articles reported that my ISP {T-Mobile} was already using
> IPv6 internally, I suspect it does not.
> Are there any "gotchas"?

Short of 'check whatever they give you instead of a proper router just
to be sure that you don't have IPv6'?

> Suggested search terms that would be fruitful for a home user?

Let's see.

'tcpdump 101'
'ipv6 routing basics'
'icmp type 134'
'dhcpv6 howto'
'debian disable ipv6'
'disable ipv6 regedit' (Windows only)


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