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Re: The Internet locks up Buster


On Thu, Jun 07, 2018 at 02:13:17PM -0400, Borden Rhodes wrote:
> > I.e. 12309 bug is back. It's obscure and presumably fixed (at least four
> > times fixed) bug that happens with relatively slow filesystem (be it
> > SSD/HDD/NFS or whatever) and a large amount of free RAM. I first
> > encountered the thing back in 2.6.18 days, where it was presumably
> > implemented (as in - nobody complained before ;).
> Thank you, Reco and Abdullah, for providing some very helpful
> information. I'll retest with the kernel parameters. I went over to
> https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12309 and it seems they've
> closed the bug and/or given up on this.

You've missed a crucial part - this bug was fixed, and then fixed again,
and it went like this at least four times.
Which means that all previous fixes were incomplete.

> Is there any value in continuing to whine about this problem?

You mean, here, at debian-user? Someone might be able to provide you
with yet another workaround, which may or may not solve this problem for

Or, filling a bug at bugs.debian.org? Never hurts, but due to the
obscurity of the problem chances of solving it this way are slim.

Or, you meant bugzilla.kernel.org? See above.

> I mean, it's not like large-capacity RAM is going away.

Yup. But HDDs do. SSDs are considered obsolete (NVMe is a new shiny toy).
Conventional SASes are going into happy land faster than you can blink.

We're living at interesting times - RAM amount is more or less static,
but I/O capacity grows with each passing year.


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