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Re: Update on my update problem with gnome system.

> Wow!  I said "bad things" about Ubuntu regarding this topic but, just
> today, experienced the same kind of thing, with Debian Stretch, regarding
> the vlc "uber Package".  Seems it's replacing libvlccore8 with libvlccore9,
> along with several other replacements!  So Debian also uses this technique
> (dist-upgrade) for, other than "Upgrading the Distribution".
> Sorry about that, Ubuntu.  :-)
> Kenneth Parker

Your criticism of Debian is unjustified.   apt-get dist-upgrade   is
required to upgrade libvlccore8 to libvlccore9 because, of course, the
latter is a different package.

Sorry abut that.  I guess it's mainly a Teaching Moment for me.  With Ubuntu, every Kernel Upgrade was handled this way, which had prompted my prior comment, criticizing Ubuntu.   

libvlccore8 is based on VLC version 2 and libvlccore9 is based on VLC 3.
VLC is susceptible to DSA-4203 (CVE-2017-17670), so VLC 3 has been fixed
in 3.0.2. As VLC 2.x will not get fixed, stretch had no alternative
but to move from version 2 to 3.

And, of course, the Version Upgrade is for a very good reason. (The vulnerability description is fascinating!) 


Thanks for your patience.

Kenneth Parker 

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