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Re: self identifying computer

On Mon, 04 Jun 2018 23:56:21 +0100
mick crane <mick.crane@gmail.com> wrote:

> I changed the domain name for couple of home computers from "local"
> to "home"
> one of them is win 10 PC.
> I have ipfire box doing hopefully firewall and DNS and so while I 
> changed domain I let all get address from its DHCP and gave them
> fixed leases.
> I have 2 debian PCs
> I try to find IP address of a cheap IP cctv camera I just bought with
> no instructions.
> I do "nmap -sn" to see if camera shows up
> oddly finds PCs but gets "I'm here" from the windows PC but on the
> old IP address I had previously given it in windows networking
> thingamyjig.
> any idea where this identification might be hanging about ?
> everything works but it just doesn't look very tidy.
> I should point out I don't really know what I'm doing.

Who does? Presumably you can find your way into Windows network
configuration, not that it helps much. I've never seen Win10, but I've
had 8 for a few years, and it's a pain to do network troubleshooting
with. It needs a real kicking to do what it's told. At the slightest
provocation, it will pick up an APIPA address, the one method
absolutely guaranteed to cut off all network communication. Windows 95
needed the installation CD in order to change IP address, but at least
it did what you told it to do.

So tick the boxes for getting network address and DNS automatically,
and to be on the safe side, also give it a fixed address in the network
outside the DHCP range, and flip over the page and do the same with the
alternate address. That will probably do the job, but reboot anyway,
it's Windows...


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